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In addition to manufacturing products for LENWIN, we also receive OEM to integrate and manufacture different types of plastic products.  We also continue to develop new plastic products for packaging, such as our newly received order of vehicle parts manufacturing and parts document cabinet, which are within the scope of our production and manufacture.  Please access our website for the latest news and information on new products. . .

 Orders from OEM, ODM, local and overseas merchandisers and traders are   welcome!

  1.   Cutting tools series Hardware tools series Measuring tools series Parts document cabinet Save box series

  2. Vehicle parts Variety case series

  • 1995/3 Production, research and development of the cutting tools series and relevant the processing industry products
  • 1998/8 Research and development of hardware tools series and relevant parts and components
  • 1999/2 Research and development of relevant measuring tools series products
  • 2000/9 Design of the new parts document cabinet is completed. The development was performed quickly and efficiently
  • 2000/3 Joint research with Industrial Technology Research Institute on relevant mechanical design for vehicle parts
  • 2002/6 Export order from a local trader for the development and production of a save box series
  • 2004/5 Research and development of new variety case series, the design of which was received positively

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